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      Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister James Marape has called for Paladin's controversial contract for security work on Manus to be cancelled immediately.
      Locals in the German town of Ostritz have purchased the town's entire beer supply ahead of a far-right music festival, leaving neo-Nazi attendees with nothing to drink.
      The former detainee wins the right to sue media organisations for public comments on their social media channels.
      Donations to Israel Folau's new fundraising effort for his legal fight against Rugby Australia have exceeded $900,000
      The award-winning drama series returns in a third season, which will follow June's resistance to Gilead's dystopian regime, and her struggle to strike back against...
      The world’s most prestigious cycling event, the 2019 Tour de France, is around the corner and you can catch it all from 6 - 29 July live, free and in HD, exclusively...
      It's a TV channel. Here are all of the ways you can watch it.
      SBS encourages all Australians to embrace and celebrate a world of difference. Why? Watch this video.
      Charismatic presenter Ernie Dingo takes us on the trip of a lifetime in this new season, as he explores some of Australia’s most striking places.
      Laura Alleway didn't set foot on a FIFA Women's World Cup pitch this month but her impact was as great as any other Matildas player in France.
      Play School will introduce a new toy during NAIDOC Week, which will go on to become a full-time member of the show’s iconic toy line up.
      The thought of ten Southeast Asian countries hosting the 2034 World Cup is as exciting as it is bewildering. Whatever the reaction, Australia should elbow its way...
      Women in the French city of Grenoble have defied their local pool's burkini ban.
      If you’re looking for world-beating actors giving some of the best performances of their careers, you’ve come to the right place.
      Catch every match of the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup? live and free with SBS Radio’s daily coverage.
      It took only hours for Chernobyl to become the biggest nuclear accident in history. The clean-up has taken decades – and it’s not finished yet.
      With festival faves and Oscar winners, SBS World Movies launches free-to-air around Australia on 1 July.
      Twists and turns await these diverse Australians as they delve into family secrets.
      Sometimes the best viewing on TV can be hiding right under your nose. These shows are streaming at SBS On Demand.
      The third season of this dark and edgy drama finds Mary at a turning point, and the morally-grey world of assisted suicide growing even darker.
      The latest instalment of the groundbreaking, award-winning documentary series returns to visit the people whose lives have been followed since they were seven.
      SBS reveals the July line-up of new free-to-air HD channel SBS World Movies. ‘Loving Pablo’, ‘Rafiki’, ‘Brick Lane’ and ‘Just A Breath Away’ headline the first month.
      This sweeping family saga returns, starring Pierce Brosnan as a Texas rancher who transforms into a calculated killer to rebuild his family legacy.
      How can you tell if an offender is sorry, rather than just sorry for getting caught? Judges must assess an offender’s remorse, and if they find it’s genuine, they...
      This gripping espionage and political thriller follows Mari, an Intelligence Agency officer who goes undercover to befriend an asylum seeker who has arrived in...
      Featuring an all-star cast, the genre-busting Arctic epic series returns with one final visit. Binge all three seasons of this chilling crime drama now.
      Only 20 per cent of international visitors to Australia are experiencing Aboriginal culture. This month’s National Indigenous Art Fair, held ahead of NAIDOC Week, is...
      OPINION: When football crowds turned on Adam Goodes in the final years of his career, a teenage Marlee Silva turned on the Australia she thought she loved.
      Her win put Australian tennis back into the spotlight and it has been magic to watch, but for me it has a deeper meaning.
      "I truly believe treating others the way you'd like to be treated", the singer said after receiving the Anti Defamation Commission award in Melbourne.
      Health workers are warning of a looming crisis, with service providers not just in rural areas saying older people are being left to suffer neglect, racism and...
      We are looking for bold, brave storytelling from Indigenous filmmakers and Indigenous production companies.
      "I hated carrying his shame. But I wasn’t surprised by his capacity to do it."
      If stupid sexy Henry Golding became the new standard for Asian men, we’d all be screwed.
      Fluffy on the inside, crunchy on the outside. But should you boil, shake and bake, or is there a better way?
      Despite numerous studies proving that monosodium glutamate is safe, the stigma around it sticks.
      In the latest episode of The Handmaid's Tale, one of the fiercest supporters of Gilead is forced to contend with her own marginalisation in the system she helped...
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